Hazardous Waste Management

Our facilities provide temporary storage for any hazardous waste that we dispose to South Africa, where there is only one hazardous waste landfill that accepts waste from Botswana. This hazardous waste include grease, expired and redundant chemicals, chemical sludge, fiberglass, old paints, incinerator ash, fluorescent tubes, asbestos, used PPE, redundant IT equipment and old batteries. Our used is disposed with Bulky Mining Explosives (BME) in South Africa where it is used to develop mining explosives. Clients are issued with safe disposal certificates (SDC) so that they are able to trace the movement and disposal of their waste. Through the certificates and collection note clients are also able to trace the type and volume of waste they produce, monthly, or as and when required.

Champs Botswana operates and run road tankers and trucks that are fully licensed by the Department of Waste Management and Pollution Control for waste collection and transportation. All employees of Champs Botswana are well trained licensed in hazardous and non – hazardous waste management and take pride in rendering timely, professional and quality service at all times. Our drivers carry specialized licenses of transportation and conveyance of hazardous materials.

 Our core business in the hazardous waste management has mainly been the following;

  • Waste/Used oil and grease management (handling, transportation, storage and disposal)
  • Collection and disposal of expired and redundant chemicals
  • Management of spillages and petroleum by products o Cleaning of contaminated surfaces (water bodies, floors, soils)
  • Rehabilitation and treatment of polluted /contaminated soils
  • Collection and disposal of oil filters, oily rags, expired PPE, hydraulic hoses
  • Collection and disposal of oily water
  • Supply of spill kits (for vehicles & workshops), bioremediation chemicals, and absorbents