Supply Of Agricultural Equipment

Multifunctional Thresher  


Power: Gasoline engine

Capacity: 1 ton/hour

Weight: 90kg

Size: 900*700*1250 mm

Function: Threshing maize, sorghum, soybean, millet

Grain crusher and straw cutter

Power: gasoline engine

Grain crusher capacity: 600-800kg/h

Silage cutter capacity: 300-500kg.h

Weight: 90kg

Size: 1200*1060*1000mm

Function: Crush grains into powder and crush dry or wet straw stalk and small branches into small pieces, widely used in cattle, sheep, and goat farm

Weeding machine



Power: gasoline engine, 4 stroke

Oil volume: 0.7L

Displacement: 35cc

Total weight: 23kg

With 6 tool heads

Function: This is a multi-purpose machine that has a blade for vegetation slashing, a rotary wheel to turn the soil, weeding. A really indispensable farm machine that works at high efficiency in sandy soil, saves manpower and strength, avoids the repeated use of herbicide, and the damage caused to crops and soil. It can be widely used in orchards, greenhouses, vineyards, garden, nursery, vegetable base, farms, etc.

Maize and sorghum harvesting machine

Width of harvesting: 1200mm

Height after cutting: 50mm

Angle of lying down: 90 ± 20°

How to lie down: aside

Capacity: 2000-3300m2/h

Power: 8HP diesel engine

Weight: 290kg

Overall size: 2.25*1.65*1.1m.

Purpose: Harvest sorghum and maize