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Used oil, oil filters and oily rags

Champs Botswana have adequate experience in the management of used oil and other hazardous and hydrocarbon waste. It owns a fleet of tankers dedicated for countrywide collection of used oil that are fully licensed with the Department of Waste Management Pollution control. We take full responsibility for every load of used oil disposed of from generators to us and make sure to issue collection notes and safe disposal certificates once the oil is in our facility.


One of the greatest environmental challenges that plagues the mining industry in Botswana is high volumes of waste grease. With South Africa closing its borders to non recyclable waste streams such as grease ,Champs Botswana offers a unique solution. Using our state of the art pyrolysis technology, we are able to not only treat and dispose of this waste stream but recycle it into useful products such as fuel oil and synthesis gas.

Clinical & Pharmaceutical waste

Champs Botswana is licensed for clinical waste management. It holds licenses for transportation, storage, processing and disposal of clinical waste at its Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF). Clinical waste needs proper handling and safe disposal because it is classified as hazardous waste. We process clinical waste using a clean and energy efficient pyrolysis technology and our IWMF operates 24/7 and has a capacity to process 10 tons of clinical waste per day. The IWMF can handle the following types of clinical waste; Infectious Waste, Pathological Waste ( blood, human tissues etc.), Sharps (needles, broken glass etc), Pharmaceutical & Genotoxic Waste (e.g drugs), Chemical Waste (waste form machines, batteries and disinfectants)

Chemicals & chemical sludge

A lot of industries use chemicals for various reasons and sometimes expire or become redundant after sometime. Champs Botswana has the expertise to help dispose off photographic chemicals, ;laboratory chemicals and any other toxic chemicals in a friendly manner. We have highly qualified Chemical Engineers that take time to assess the chemicals and establish a disposal plan according to the best practices of safe disposal.

Asbestos Materials

Hazardous waste material such as Asbestos are safely disposed of as per the local and international standards and regulations. Champs Botswana has service agreements for safe disposal of asbestos with leading hazardous waste management organization in South Africa. In the past 5 years Champs Botswana has disposed of well over 300 tons of asbestos material for clients across the country.

Rehabilitation of contaminated soils

Champs Botswana has rehabilitated tons of soils that have been contaminated by hydrocarbons. When engaged by the client, Champs Botswana takes 3 samples of the contaminated soils prior to treatment, during treatment and after treatment. The first sample provides the basis for treatment against  which the subsequent two samples will be based to determine whether treatment and rehabilitation is taking place. This process usually takes up to six weeks before the soil could fully recover. After rehabilitation the soils can be used for backfilling and or gardening. We use bioremediation chemicals.

Champs Botswana have adequate experience in the management of used oil and other hazardous and hydrocarbon waste.

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