Used Oil Management

Champs Botswana Pty Ltd adopts best practices for handling, storage, transportation and disposal of used oil in order to ensure a safe and unpolluted environment. Champs Botswana is licensed with the Department of Waste Management & Pollution Control (DWMPC), and is a member of Tshole Trust. The company collects and transports used oil locally either to Pilane or Maun where it has Used Oil Storage Facilities; and ultimately disposes the used oil in the Republic of South Africa with legally permitted and licensed waste management handling dealers in accordance with Basel Convention. Champs Botswana is at any time, upon request by a client, happy to provide proof of licenses and permits to any client that requests them.

Champs Botswana owns a fleet of tankers dedicated for countrywide collection of used oil that are fully licensed with DWMPC. Our staff is appropriately equipped with training from International and BQA accredited institutions; and have adequate experience in the management of used oil and other hazardous and hydrocarbon waste. We take full responsibility of every load of used oil disposed from the generator to us and make sure to issue collection notes upon collection, and certificates of safe disposal once the oil is in our site, and a certificate of final disposal from the recyclers/refiners we deal with once the oil reaches them.

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