Grease Management & Disposal

This still remains one of the world’s most problematic hazardous waste stream to recycle and recover, and with currently very little information on the technologies for this, a permanent solution may still be far off.  Botswana does not have any facilities that are equipped to handle grease or let alone dispose it. Nevertheless, Champs Botswana understands that the core business of our clients is not the waste produced from their operations and as such have a solution for this problem for our clients. In fact, Champs Botswana Pty Ltd has been disposing Grease for 4 years in South Africa, where it has a service contract with a hazardous landfill that accepts grease.

As a licensed used oil management operator and with a Used Oil Storage Facility Licensed Site, Champs Botswana is allowed to store grease temporarily pending disposal upon collection from the client; and when a load is ready, move the grease load to the hazardous landfill through a DWMPC issued permit authorizing the trans-boundary movement of such waste. This permit is renewed annually and with the department.

Champs Botswana continues to work tirelessly with its counterparts in South Africa for the recovery rather than disposal of grease.

** A certificate of safe disposal will be issued with each load of grease that has been safely disposed or recovered.