Disposal Of Redundant Chemicals & Chemical Contaminated Waste/Containers

Transportation, handling, storage and disposal of hazardous waste similarly needs proper licensing and permitting because there is no landfill for hazardous waste in Botswana. Champs Botswana works with its clients to ensure proper disposal and a Safe Disposal Certificate is issued after every disposal.

A lot of industries use chemicals for various reasons and sometimes expire or simple become redundant after sometime. Whether these are photographic chemicals, laboratory chemicals or any other toxic chemicals, Champs Botswana has the expertise to help you dispose them off in a friendly manner. We have highly qualified Chemists that take the time to assess the chemicals and draw up a disposal plan according to the best practices for safe disposal.

Champs Botswana also has a lot of experience, having done multi-million Puma Projects of this nature, on the disposal of not just management and disposal of redundant chemicals, but also the disposal of chemical sludge, & chemical contaminated waste

In all we do, we ensure use of the relevant Personal Protective clothing, well trained, appropriately licensed and experienced personnel to ensure safety all the time.

Empty Containers

Champs Botswana has cleaned and disposed a large number of lubricants and chemical containers for several client mines before. Different sizes of containers made of both metal and plastic were cleaned and some of these come heavily contaminated with chemicals, oil, and/or grease.

The smaller plastic containers are cut, cleaned and sent for recycling with fully licensed Plastics recyclers. Metal containers can be taken though a crusher on site and bailed for scrap metalling. The metal containers mostly the 210L drums are opened up and cleaned using water based degreasers and then reused or sent for recycling. The damaged containers are crushed and sent to scrap metal dealers whilst the non-damaged ones are reused as litter bins. The containers can be donated to communities after cleaning to be used as public litter bins.