Contaminated Soil Rehabilitation

Another one of Champs Botswana Specialties is the rehabilitation of soils in areas contaminated by hydrocarbons.  Most of the areas go for long periods of time untreated and cause serious harm to the environment. Soils contaminated by hydrocarbons become barren and no life, whether flora or fauna can survive in it. This causes an imbalance in the ecosystem.

Depending on the bio-remediation agents available for soil rehabilitation, the degree of contamination and the other environmental aspects, the duration of the process may range between two and eight weeks. A detailed approach / methodology is discussed under the different envisaged activities involved in the rehabilitation of soils with the client and submitted to the department of Waste Management and Pollution Control for monitoring purposes.A representative soil sample will be taken systematically from all the soil and sent for hydrocarbon analysis at a laboratory before treatment commences and another either in the end of half way through the project so as to help the client manage the progress of the process and appreciate the effectiveness of the agents used to rehabilitate. Upon completion of the rehabilitation process, the soil will be backfilled to the original spots and our normal processes in the area will continue.

Champs Botswana has taken a pledge to use only environmentally friendly products for the rehabilitation of soils and all of its other processes.