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Railway Infrastructure

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Mechanical Engineering

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Automative Manufacturing

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Waste Management Industry

Our facilities provide temporary storage for any hazardous waste that we dispose to South Africa, where there is only one hazardous waste landfill that accepts waste from Botswana.

Environmental Consultancy Industry

Champs Botswana further provides consultancies and project management services on the following: Champs Botswana is joining the recycling game and plans to recycle used oil collected across Botswana from its clients into base oils including lubricant oils, hydraulic or transformer oils. Our intended recycling process is environmentally friendly and economic too, guaranteeing our clients great

Transport Industry

For all your transportation services, think Champs Botswana. We have drop-side trucks available for immediate hire for transportation of goods both local and internationally. We transport a variety of goods such as cements, food beverages, furniture, agricultural implements and products and the like. Our drivers are adequately trained and possess the relevant licenses for the

Est 2008, Used Oil Management company
& turning waste into a resource

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